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Yihan Luo
Inclusive Designer

Hey there! I’m a cross-disciplinary interaction designer based in Los Angeles, California. I’m passionate about inclusive design, emerging technologies, and strategic futures design.

QQ speed(UIUX Intern)

- Tencent TIMI studio J1

Dora (UIUX Intern)

- a code-less web design tool -

Pikapoo (System Design)

- A dog feces cleaning + recycling system-
System Design (UIUX + Product Design)

Neon City (VR)

- a VR City Building Game -
UIUX Design in Virtual Reality

Future Transportation

2035 Future Autonomous Car in China’s Urban Area

Dreamio (VR)

- Creativity boost, in a nutshell -

Future Shoppertainment

- Next-gen, seamless shopping experience -


- History Learning: Play. Immerse. Feel. -

MoMo Land

- An outdoor alternative of your kid's play space -

Palace Memories

- Built on memories, bound by memories -

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